Kim West

A dancer and natural inhabitant of her body as a kid, Kim, like many of us, was solidly “stuck in her head” by adulthood. As an alternative to the treadmill, and in the hope of alleviating anxiety, Kim began her exploration of Yoga in 2001. Initially, she began with Bikram Yoga, finding the intensity, structure and strength which became the groundwork of her practice. Upon discovering the meditative grace of Vinyasa, she knew she’d found her style of Yoga, and was soon moved to expand her love of practice into teaching so she could share Yoga’s beauty and healing benefits with others.

Kim is a graduate of New York Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training, and is so pleased to be part of such a wonderful Yoga community. She is also a singer, songwriter and co-founder of the Yoga-inspired family music group, The Rockdoves. Kim believes that Yoga truly is for everyone, and brings a light-hearted, fun approach to an energizing practice of mindful movement.

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