Stephanie Landouer

After 15 to 20 years repeating "yoga… me… never", Stephanie stumbled into a vinyasa class. That night, she fell in love with her most unlikely new passion.

Yoga opened up a world of spirituality and allowed Stephanie to find her voice and speak this language of love she had been longing to share for a long time.

Stephanie graduated from Laughing Lotus Yoga Center where she keeps learning from her teachers. She completed advanced trainings in Fly and Bhakti Yoga, Ayurveda and Healing, Energy and the Subtle Body.

As a dancer, she used her movement to express her emotions, to get them out and bring them back in. Yoga and the Lotus Flow have brought a deeper dimension to this, to the way she feels and understands her body and mind, to the way she links her breath to the internal and external transformations constantly happening, to the way she can come in touch with her soul.

Stephanie's classes move through a fluid and organic flow, encouraging her students to find their own artistic voice, to create their own beauty on the mat and to reflect on how much all the connections that we feel so strongly in class can make our life, off the mat, brighter, lighter, happier.

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