Stephanie Naru

Motivated by her teachers, peers, environment and travels Stephanie aims to bring a unique blend of empowerment, inspiration, + serenity to each of her classes. She teaches in a way that allows her students to experience physical challenge as well as emotional release. After sustaining a chronic back injury, Stephanie turned to yoga while searching for ways to alleviate her pain and regain full mobility in her spine. Through consistent practice, Stephanie not only healed her spine, but also experienced growth and expansion in all aspects of her life. This led her to Sonic Yoga where she recieved her 200HR Yoga Alliance accredited certification. Her passion for teaching is fueled by the desire to inspire others to look within and take a moment away from everyday distractions + stress to find peace. Stephanie is energetic, friendly, collaborative, and committed to helping students improve their wellness, nourish their bodies, find joy in their hearts, build confidence, embrace freedom and have fun!

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