Simrun Kochhar

The first few times Simrun tried practicing yoga, she disliked every minute of it! It wasn’t until several years later, after watching the collapse of her former employer (Lehman Brothers), that the practice took its hold, and changed her life forever. This time, it was the slow and deliberate movements, long holds, body awareness, and profound mindfulness – the very things she once despised – that drove her back to her mat every day. In a period of personal and professional transition, she discovered that the time she spent on her mat was the only time she was able to get out of her head and truly be in the present moment.

An intense person by nature, Simrun pursues her passions with every cell in her body and every ounce of her being -- so of course, she became a yoga teacher! Simrun completed her 200-hour training in 2009 through Reflections Yoga of New York City, and her 500-hour training in 2014 through Yoga Tree San Francisco. She has trained with Jason Crandell, Kerri Kelly, Jane Austin, and Hala Khouri and now teaches all levels of yoga to all ages of people. Once a competitive figure skater and now an avid marathon runner, Simrun continues to rely on her yoga practice for peace, sanity, and physical restoration. She considers teaching yoga to be a great honor and strives to always host a safe and comfortable space in which students can have an individual mind-body experience, regardless of class format, style, or pace.

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