Nick Knebel

Nick spends a good deal of time in water and discovering new ways to fall over (perhaps not at the same time though). In his off time from those two very exciting endeavors, he teaches yoga, reads a whole lot, sometimes manages a restaurant, and writes + publishes poetry.

Originally a swimmer, Nick found yoga for the first time in 2014 after a month of living in NYC. Through repeated protests of “not being a yoga person,” his best friend eventually convinced him to attend a class, which he honestly sort of hated (it was way harder than he expected!). But something kept him coming back, and then one day he realized the practice of sustainability + breath had started to become a way of life.

Nick remains a student first; as a teacher, he completed his 200 Hour YA-Certified Training with Yoga to the People in 2015. In Spring of 2017 he was certified (again through YttP) to teach traditional hot yoga (Bikram 26 sequence). His vinyasa classes are designed to be powerful and challenging while remaining playful. Nick believes that there’s no room for condescension or “doing it wrong” in yoga; you’re working with the body and breath you have today, and that’s already more than enough.

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