Katharine Herrup

Katharine began her yoga practice in 2003 after one too many injuries forced her to stop participating in competitive sports. Over the course of the next twelve years, she used her practice to help heal her body and eventually realized how much yoga can help heal the mind as well. She completed a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training at New York Yoga in 2013 to take her practice to the next level and deepen her understanding of the principles and philosophy that guide the practice. Along the way, Katharine discovered other wonderful health benefits of a consistent yoga practice: her migraines slowly dissipated, her allergies became much less severe, and she felt better equipped to handle the stress of living in a non-stop city like New York. Since yoga has helped Katharine improve so many facets of her life, she wants to enable her students to do the same: to carry their own practices into their lives and use it to help them navigate through every day issues and life’s complexities. Because Katharine has found yoga so enjoyable and beneficial, she strives to bring the same joy and fulfillment to her students. Her favorite aspect of yoga is interacting with and learning from her students, and watching their practice evolve over time and change their body, life, and lifestyle. Her passion for yoga expands every day, which is one of the reasons she loves it so much. There is always more yoga to learn and to try. Katharine is grateful for the recommendation of her mom to try a yoga class while she was in college, and to have taken a chance on a practice that seemed so foreign at the time. Today, she is so happy to have yoga be a steady and consistent part of her life, and she feels very reassured to know that she can do it anytime, anywhere, and that she will be able to do it at any age..

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