Jessica Chazen

Jessica Chazen considers herself a very lucky person to love her job as much as she does! Her sister took her to her first yoga class eleven years ago at the Jivamukti Yoga School on Lafayette Street. She remembers laughing at the absurdity when the teacher called for them to come into headstand and everyone around her seemed to effortlessly invert their bodies. Six years later, her legs floated over her head with ease, and it was nothing short of magic.

She grew up on the stage, completely in love with performance, and she moved to New York from Tennessee to study Drama at NYU. Like so many college students and actors, she found a donation based studio on St. Mark’s Place called Yoga to the People, and she had a place to practice daily. In 2005, she went to India to volunteer at an orphanage, practice yoga, and immerse herself in a culture that had always attracted her. She returned from India and began to explore as many teachers and teaching styles as she could; her most loyal devotion was to Vinyasa. She did her 200 hour training at New York Yoga and she received her Restorative Certification with Jillian Pransky at the Ishta Studio. She currently splits her time teaching group classes at New York Yoga and the United Nations, working with patients at Restore 353, a therapeutic doctor’s office, and instructing private clients. She is fascinated by the physical and spiritual healing possibilities of the practice. She is a perpetual student and beginner, and it brings her joy everyday to make discoveries and share them with her students.

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