Jackie Simon

Jackie's love of yoga began almost 5 years ago, when she began practicing in Indianapolis, IN where she lived. Soon yoga became not only a daily practice, but a way of life. She was not only inspired by the physical beauty of the practice, but by the connection that it provided to the community, as well as the individual student. Her passion grew as she began to travel, and incorporate yoga everywhere she went. From the east coast, to the west coast, and over-seas, she has met inspiring teachers, who's wealth of knowledge have helped to guide her on her own yoga path. She incorporates everything she has learned into her teaching.

She completed her teacher training at The Yoga Center of Indiana, where she has been teaching since 2009. Jackie believes that yoga, being a practice of mind, body and spirit, is what separates yoga from everything else. As a mother of 5 children, she has found the relevance of yoga in every aspect of her life. Teaching is not only a joy, but a devotion and a way to give back. "A flame can light a thousand candles and never lose any of its strength." These words by Buddha have inspired her to share her love of yoga. The passion and compassion that yoga embodies, is the place she teaches from. An avid reader, Jackie likes to incorporate the knowledge she's gained, along with a creative, energetic vinyasa flow, to allow the student to completely immerse themselves in their own journey.

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