Gabriella Eljaiek

Gabriella took her first yoga class in back in 2007 at her universities gym and she quickly found herself overwhelmed, lost and unable to follow the class. Watching the teacher demo the moves perfectly and unable to match them Gabriella decided yoga just wasn’t her thing. Years later, Gabriella found her way back to the mat through her curiosity in eastern philosophy and medicine. This rediscovery opened her mind to what the practice of yoga is really about and she began to fall in love with the practice. In 2015 she completed her 200 hour Exquisite Metamorphosis Teacher training with Meghan Currie in Cihangir, Istanbul. Most recently she became a Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher after completing the her prenatal training at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City. Gabriella’s very first yoga experience has stayed with her and she understands the

profound impact that each teacher has on their students. In her class she aims to create an approachable environment where everyone feels welcome. She believes yoga is a practice focused on developing a relationship with yourself and deeply connecting with the world around you. Gabriella likes to focus on strength and the breath emphasizing moving slowly and consciously through each asana.

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