Emmie Danza

A lifelong passion for dance and movement led Emmie into a yoga class after moving to New York in 2011. She immediately developed a love for both the physical and mental benefits a daily yoga practice offered. With a desire to deepen her own practice and explore the world of teaching, Emmie entered in to her first training at Yoga to the People in New York City in 2015. She earned her 200hr RYT and began her apprenticeship at Yoga to the People thereafter. She later earned her second and third certification from Yoga to the People and Pure Yoga after completing a 100hr Traditional 26 Posture Hot Yoga training in 2016 and a Yin Yoga Training in 2017. With over 450+ hours of teaching experience, Emmie now teaches at Sweat Yoga in Tribeca, Jewel City Yoga in Brooklyn, and New York Yoga in the Upper East Side, and Yoga Herald Square in Midtown. Emmie’s class is upbeat, explorative, and challenging and encourages students to cultivate an awareness of mind, body, and breath. She invites students to experiment with new shapes and intuitive movement while maintaining an attention to detail and alignment. Emmie believes in creating a learning environment that is accessible for all and strives to empower each and every student along the way.

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