Be Murray

Spiritually athletic in nature and practice, Be finds gratitude in movement, stillness, and transition. The Gemini in her is most clearly expressed through being an old soul, and yet maintaining a deep connection to her inner child. The balance of the two being currently explored as the sacred feminine: intuitive, loving, energetic, fierce, and playful. Her focus on energetic alignment is inspired through her study of Reiki and mind-body awareness techniques. She finds inspiration from and continues to be guided by Genevieve Laquerre, Kelsey Lawford, and Shane Perkins who she studied with at Yandara Yoga Institute. Be gives thanks to Lauren Imparato, of I.AM.YOU , and Erika Hildebrandt for their teachings on and off the mat. She graduated from NYU in the concentration of Human Wellness, Addiction, and Culture and spent time studying with Hala Khouri in Teaching Yoga to At Risk Adult and Youth. Be is dedicated to compassionately increasing the awareness of the divine connection between the body-mind-and spirit.

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