April Evans

April’s relationship to yoga began in 2005 while she was earning her BFA in Acting. What began as a tool for increasing flexibility, strength, breath control, focus, and balance soon became much more. April believes that the body acts as the voice of the subconscious, and that it is capable of intelligence and expression beyond the limitations of the rational mind. For her, Vinyasa Flow has become the means by which she journeys towards freedom, calm, and honesty.

April is a home-grown teacher of the New York Yoga sangha, having completed her 200-Hour training right here with Michael Gilbert and Jenny Gammello. In her classes, you can expect an invigorating flow, a sunny and playful environment, and plenty of fun music. She is passionate about taking her practice off the mat and into the world, and creates an atmosphere in her classes where students may turn inward in order to learn how to more peacefully turn outward.

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