Amanda Jameson

Amanda’s yoga journey began at the age of 10 after yoga and meditation were incorporated into the curriculum of a local Miami-area performing arts program. She quickly discovered that in addition to the physical benefits, yoga provided a grounding sense of calm, mindfulness and focus that enhanced both her performances and everyday life. Amanda's dedication to her practice blossomed after relocating to NYC in 2008. She found Yoga to be a necessary respite while juggling multiple jobs as she pursued her career in the fashion industry. Amanda continued to develop her practice over the past decade, exploring various styles of yoga including ashtanga, hatha, vinyasa, power, and restorative. In 2017 Amanda further deepened her practice while completing her 200 Hour RYT Certification at New York Yoga. In 2018 she obtained her trauma informed certification through Exhale to Inhale.

Amanda encourages her students to be present, and to honor what they need in the moment, while challenging themselves both physically and mentally. Her students can expect a class that begins with grounding meditation, followed by a strong vinyasa flow focusing on both physical and energetic alignment. This includes modifications and variations for all bodies, followed by a restorative cool down and savasana.

In addition to teaching, Amanda is also a visual artist with a focus on abstract techniques while exploring unique mediums. She takes inspiration from everything around her – nature, animals, people, music, the universe and love fuel her creativity and motivation in both her artwork and yoga practice. Her work can be seen at various art shows throughout New York City as well as

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