AJ Wolbrum

AJ is an international yoga instructor. Studying and teaching in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South East Asia. A full-time yoga instructor in NYC, AJ thrives in her native habitat (her white blood cells are shaped like Taxi Cabs) AJ teaches a blend of yoga; incorporating many styles into both her slower and more dynamic classes. You can expect a well-balanced class; encompassing challenging asana, intentional breathing and time to be silly and free. AJ adds a lightness to her structure that allows you to feel safe to open your mind, body and heart.

Currently AJ is training at The Breathing Project with Leslie Kaminoff and recently completed a 25hr Restorative teacher training. AJ's main passion is connection. Connecting people into their bodies, minds, emotions; so that they can be present and open with other people, the environment, the food they eat etc. Using yoga as the vehicle, AJ has been able to change the conversation about wellness and self-care.

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